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Cruising: A destination in itself

Playing deck games on a cruise vacation.
Leslee Haralson

Cruises are a terrific choice for a vacation for many people. The simplicity of booking a cruise and having accommodations, entertainment, food and sea transportation all rolled into one package is very appealing and convenient. Most people when cruising choose a cruise based on itinerary and ports of call, looking to see interesting parts of the world. Sometimes, however, it can be great fun to book a cruise and have the ship be the destination.

Out of Los Angeles some cruise lines offer three and four day cruises to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. These can be perfect cruises to let the ship be the destination and just simply enjoy the sun and sparkling blue Pacific Ocean as well as the offerings on board. Here are some of the activities available to those who opt to stay on the ship instead of venturing off on shore excursions:

For those who have a bit of a competitive spirit, join in a ping pong tournament. It could be kids verses adults or adults only. Mingle with fellow passengers and hear their stories of how they learned to play table tennis. A trophy goes to the most skilled of the group.

A game of giant Jenga is always fun. Whoever is interested can gather on deck and try their hand at carefully pulling out oversized Jenga blocks then restacking them on top. According to one social director the tallest tower she has seen reached five feet seven inches tall. No one wants to be the one to topple it over.

Another entertaining offering is the bean bag toss. Here two people stand at opposite ends of the deck and try to toss square bean bags into a round hole about 20 feet away. Not as easy as it sounds. Anyone is free to jump in.

Besides recreational activities, cruise staffers host trivia games such as Cartoon Trivia, Stupid Law Trivia, and Guess that Song in air conditioned indoor lounges. All sorts of activities to entertain those who make the cruise ship their destination instead of the ports of call.

Really, there is so much to do on board a cruise ship with the restaurant choices, ship amenities, shops, lounges, and all the activities like the ones I mentioned, it’s easy to stay enjoy a cruise vacation without ever stepping foot on land.

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