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Cruise ship staff rapes, beats and tries to throw woman overboard to die

A woman was raped, beat up and almost pushed off the balcony of her stateroom during a cruise she took on the Holland America cruise line and the man that did this was an employee of the ship. The man, who was a room-service attendant for the ship, has confessed to doing this to the woman over feeling slighted by something she said, according to Fox News on Feb. 19.

Cruise ship passenger raped, beaten then attempt made to throw her overboard on Holland American ship.
Photo by Krafft Angerer/Getty Images

A complaint was filed in a U.S. District Court in Florida on Monday and what this woman endured at the hands of a ship’s staff is more than disturbing. It was terror on the high seas. While the ship was in International waters off the coast of Honduras, this man used the master key to get in and then hid in the woman’s dark stateroom and waited for her return.

When the 31-year-old woman did return to her stateroom the man raped her, tried to strangle her with things, such as a laptop cord, that was lying around the room. The woman fought back and they ended up on the balcony. This is when the man tried to push her overboard to hide the crime he had just done. The noise finally brought another passenger to her aid.

The man’s name is Ketut Pujayasa, a 28-year-old room service attendant and he was bound and determined to make this woman pay for something she had said earlier in the day. It seems that when Pujayasa knocked on her stateroom door that morning with the woman's breakfast, he could hear her say “Wait a minute, son of a bitch!” She opened the door and an angry Pujayasa gave her the food and left.

What she had said angered him and he planned to find her and punch her in the face. He returned to her room, but she wasn’t there. At one point he looked for her on the deck, but it was too crowded for him to assault her on deck.

This is when he decided to wait in the shadows of her darkened stateroom, letting himself in with the master key. He waited for her to come back and when she did, he raped her and tried to kill her. The complaint also said besides trying to strangle her, he choked her, kicked her and punched her. He also picked up things in her room and beat her with them, like a laptop and a curling iron, stated the documents.

After the assault Pujayasa returned to his room and told his roommate to call security to “call security” because he had just killed a woman. Pujayasa might have believed that he did kill the woman because her injuries were so bad that she was airlifted to a Florida hospital. The cruise line paid for the woman's family to fly down to Florida to be with her.

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