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Cruise ship fire: Panic on the high seas as passengers think they're sinking

The cruise ship that caught fire over the weekend left passengers in a panic, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday, May 28, 2013. Passengers were hoarded onto the deck's emergency evacuation stations and left there four hours.The Daily Mail reports Tuesday that passengers were “throwing up” and “crying” because they thought the ship was going to sink.

Cruise ship fire destroys the stern of the Grandeur of the Sea as seen above.
YouTube screen shot

This was no little fire, you can see this by the video of the Royal Caribbean ship sailing into port. The Grandeur of the Seas was charred and blackened over a large area of the stern. The cruise, which was headed for CocoCay, Bahamas was rerouted to Freeport, Bahamas.

Passengers describe the nightmare of watching the lifeboats being lowered and not knowing what was going on. The medical staff was called for people fainting and experiencing high blood pressure because they were in a state of panic, reports passengers. Children were vomiting because they were so frightened.

The lack of communication seemed to fuel the panic as some passengers said it was really stormy when they went to bed and they were woken up to alarms blaring. Many thought the ship was sinking. People sat for four hours on the deck waiting for the evacuation command, as the boats were lowered into the water, but it never came to that.

The cruise was canceled as the ship was deemed not safe enough to be seaworthy. The company will issue a refund to the passengers and give them a certificate for a future cruise. According to Fox News live on Sunday, this is another incident that will have people who have never been on a cruise think twice before booking one.

The last year has been horrendous when it comes to bad publicity for the cruise industry. Ships losing power, with one ship being stranded for five days at sea, has turned many folks away from sailing the seven seas in luxury.

Now this fire adds another obstacle in enticing customers to cruise the seas. Because of this, prices for a cruise have dropped drastically. Now may be the time for all you adventurers out there to hop aboard a cruise at the slashed prices offered today.


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