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Cruelty/Neglect Case begins to unfold...and here are your reactions:

"Valerie", victim of animal cruelty and neglect-Penal Code 597
"Valerie", victim of animal cruelty and neglect-Penal Code 597
Lost Hearts and Souls Horse Rescue and Co.

"You did the right thing. Neglect and abuse flourish in the dark. It should not be a dirty little secret like so much abuse is in the horse world. I applaud your courage."


"What that trainer did is inexcusable and her name should be put out there for the public.Shame on Gwen and on the trainer who is chastising Clare for making the facts public knowledge! What is he afraid of?" Carolyn

"Wow Clare, Ive gotten some of the same slack. People dont want to believe, I didnt want to believe, the witnesses didnt want to believe, but its true. We have hard facts to show what she did. Ive found in this job you can't please everyone and there are going to be people who talk out, probably her friends. Dont let it bother you, be strong, remember we are the voices of the horses." Betsy

" Hi Clare, ... I am NOT disappointed in you-I am proud of you. I recently rescued a horse who looked like that and he is now healthy and will live the rest of his life in comfort at my farm. There is NO excuse for a horse to look like that and I applaud your efforts. People need to be held accountable for their actions and I am very disappointed in your "local trainer's" statement. Keep on protecting the horses!" Dianne

"Dear Clare,

Good for you for reporting a truly tragic situation created by someone who knows better. I would never feel guilty about that. If someone cannot afford to care for their animals they need to find a solution which will be beneficial for the horses. Things like this should never be hidden especially after a warning." Judith

"I am fascinated with the situation of the rescue horse. You present your case extremely well, in a fair and clear fashion, and I admire the straightforwardness of your written style. I do hope you feel calm about the contretemps with the "fellow local trainer." One hates to be the center of controversy, at least I do." Alice

"Thanks so much for that story about that starving horse.. breaks my heart but I am glad that she is going to finally have to face the consequences for her terrible actions!" Anj

"That's awful - why are there so many stupid people in the world?" Holly

"Incredible! You are my idol. You are actually helping animals, which is something I respect more than anything else, when it comes to all human behaviors. It is the most commendable, compassionate and best action a person can endeavor to do with their lives. It must be so hard for you to write about this..." Lish

"Hi Clare,

I just wanted to let you know it is very refreshing to see somebody stand up for abused and neglected horses! I find it tragic that so many wonderful, generous sport horses are so easily discarded when they are no longer fit enough to perform for their owners, or even when they are still fit to perform but viewed as a commodity rather than a friend. It is particularly disconcerting when the owners appear otherwise capable of providing for them. I know there are always two sides to every story, and the story is never black and white, but I think it is important to tell the truth. So, I for one, applaud your efforts. Take care," Molly

"Hi Clare,

I know your intentions are pure when it comes to wanting the best for horses. I wonder if Grant Miller knows about this case as he's the vet normally called in abuse and neglect cases. Sounds like you have good connections to rescue operations. Grant's organization is called CHANGE in case you don't know about it but I'm sure you do." Maureen

"Be strong Clare. When you venture into the horse rescue side of things you are gonna see some gut wrenching things. And when you venture into journalism, you are undoubtably gonna upset a few people. Don't feed into the drama. And always remember there are two sides to the story! I'm so glad someone is looking out for our horses. " Brigitta

"Fwd: 2 Starvation Horses Owned by Olympic Team Member and Hall of Fame Winner or was that Hall of Shame‏

Dearest Clare,

Thank you for being the Voice for the Horse! It is not a easy road at times. And this journey will be fraught with minefields. Toughen up your skin, steel your backbone and keep your moral compass true. Don't concern yourself with other trainers that don't know the whole story like we do. That will ALL come out with the D.A. and court. And they will be coming to you to apologize. Shame on them for not investigating the whole story like we did. Siding with the perpetrator is a natural DNA phenomena actually. It's a part of the Stockholm Syndrome. Or should we say Stockebrand Syndrome.

Gwen showed depraved indifference to her horses through her lack of actions TWICE to feed them. Let her fate fall where it may. She will be convicted in the court of public opinion first. Then the excruciating embarrassment of a public trial. So be it. And BRAVO to you for standing up for the horses!!" Laura

"Clare, You have my full support in what you wrote. Treating horses in this manner is inexcusable and for people to know what people are responsible for this kind of cruelty is only a small step in the right direction." Toni

Thank you very much to everyone who wrote in to Clare and shared your words. It was so much appreciated! Clare

PS. There was only one women that agreed with the local trainer's opinion. I'm sorry but Clare could'nt bear to read or publish it.


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