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CRP Chairman's Year-end Review of Governor

California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro, author of "The NEW Conservative Paradigm"

California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro offers a performance analysis of Governor Jerry Brown's first year on his website, Political Vanguard, which he has maintained throughout his rising political career since 2002.

In his article titled "Brown's 1st Year — A Year of No Reform and Lost Credibility", Chairman Del Beccaro opens"

"The first year of a new executive's term, often with political winds and a honeymoon at his back, is the time when he has the greatest opportunity to make significant changes. Brown wasted that opportunity by not pushing for any meaningful reforms. Instead, he sent voters the bill for bailing out Sacramento in the form of tax increases.

In doing so, Brown threatened Californians with a fiscal nightmare of heavy-handed cuts to education and services unless we adopted his poorly conceived – and economically bad - tax increase. Californians didn’t fall for his tax increase and the fiscal nightmare never came to pass - as most fair-minded analysts understood it wouldn't. Brown's unfounded threats cost him his credibility. His bad policies left him without any significant first year achievements."

The rest of the analysis can be found here.

As the rest of the country begins to reassess the failed policies of the President, as evidenced by recurring poll numbers showing him losing to both specific Republican candidates, including former Speaker Newt Gingrich & former Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney, and the "generic Republican nominee", the similar headwind from the 2008 election that ushered in the Democratic sweep in 2010 here in California may shift against state Democrats in 2014 if they suffer a significant defeat in 2012 unless Governor Brown can meet his campaign commitments to pass significant reforms demanded by independents who supported his election and those of his party.


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