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Crows Gone Wild

This tiny Japanese kitten was found crying on the street last June after surviving a vicious crow attack leaving her with a fractured jaw and a hole in her throat. Due to her severe mouth injuries, Wasabi Chan had to be fed with a tube. She reacted violently to the treatment so her rescuer's grandmother crocheted tiny outfits to keep the kitten still while she received her much needed sustenance.

Wasabi Chan found crying on the streets of Japan badly injured from bird attack.
Paw nation
Wasabi Chan attacked by a crow

Wasabi Chan grew stronger in time and began to explore the world around her as seen in the accompanying slide show. She even made friends with big scary predators like dogs and a parakeet. Quite remarkable considering the tiny kitten almost did not survive her run in with the crow gone wild.

Wasabi Chan's recovery was documented via Instagram by her rescuer and she quickly became known as the Cutest Kitten In the World. Yes, I know, cat owners will disagree on this point. Who could possibly be cuter than your own little early morning meower, red dot chaser, finicky eater?

Sadly, just a few months after her road to recovery Wasabi Chan unexpectedly passed away. The three-month-old had been suffering from epilepsy despite appeared her progress. The exact cause of her death is unknown at this time but quite possibly she suffered severe brain trauma from her near fatal attack by the killer crow.

Cats receive more than their fair share of hate mail on the topic of nature. Yet crows, like the one that killed this helpless kitten, are witnessed daily attacking their own species. Bird watchers view helplessly as crows wildly attack protective bird parents to get to their babies. These vicious crows are the worse of the worse predators to other birds. Can you imagine watching your baby being abducted and carried away to its death despite your best efforts to protect it? How very traumatizing for the birds parents.

Where's the hate mail calling for the extermination of the vicious killer crows? None, it doesn't exist. Crows get a pass because they are birds while cats receive all the blame for the wrongs of the world, nature, development, loss of habitat, survival of the fittest? Maybe pro-cat people need to rally- up a wave of accusations pointed directly and solely at birds for their killing-spree tendency. It's not just crows. Eagles, owls and other large birds will kill their own species as well as tiny, cute feline kittens.

It could be that this tiny kitten, as cute and adorable as she is, was possibly susceptible to an attack from a predator because she may not have been born among the fittest of the fit. In nature it is only the fittest, strongest, smartest and luckiest that survive. Those born with the right coloring blend in with their surroundings and seem to have an advantage. Could it also be that the very birds that end up the next crow snack or meal are doomed to their fate because they are not among the strongest, smartest, fittest of their kind? Survival of the fittest; birds and kittens alike will not all survive the laws of nature.

Rest In Peace tiny Wasabi Chan. Her adorable pictures brought many smiles to those that took the time to follow her on Instagram. Kudos to tiny Wasabi Chan's rescuer Jennifer and her grandmother for doing their absolute best to bring comfort and care to an injured stray.

There are many tiny Wasabi Chan's about to be born this spring and summer, every spring and summer. If your heart is willing, keep in touch with your local veterinarians, shelters and rescues. They need all hands on deck, everyone pitching in to get through the upcoming 2014 kitten season. YOU are needed. YOU, your willingness to participate is the difference between the next injured or stray kitten(s) finding rescue or left to succumb to the woes of the world.

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