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Crowdfunding your travel

We’ve all seen crowdfunding campaigns for inventions, non-profit projects and films, but there is a new category that is starting to pick up steam (and donations): travel. Eva Tam reports on this growing trend for ‘WSJ Digital Network,’ and provides some insight on the process of some successful pitches that have funded worldwide adventure.

Sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter are now mainstream options for crowdfunding. We know their names. We understand how they work. Until recently, only IndieGoGo allowed for international campaigners, but Kickstarter is starting to broaden its reach. But those sources usually require real results and defined goals in order to bring in donors. How would that work for travel?

Tam introduces us to two men: Phil Chua and Von Wong. Both of these men successfully raised more than $10,000 through IndieGoGo to fund their travels. Chua’s final deliverable will be a documentary video providing a behind-the-scenes look about what it takes for him to compete in major sporting events (requiring significant training) in each country. Wong is in Europe photographing the lives of inspirational people. He is providing donors with behind-the-scenes video and commentary on how to grab these amazing photos. Be sure to check out the video interview with Tam to get a look at how each one is doing on his adventure.

While I’m a supporter of crowdfunding in general, it does take more than a promise of the end product and donor rewards to get cash flowing. You need a big network who will pay attention to your campaign, fund you, and can help you get their own followers interested in helping you. is hoping to increase your odds of success. This crowdfunding site is specifically focusing on travel related goals. Not only is the site open to individuals who want to donate to your quest, but also to companies and brands who might want to sponsor you. This sounds like a pretty exciting new entry into the world of crowdfunding, and I’ll definitely be keeping track of its progress and success.

What about you? Have you been tempted to put together a travel plan for crowdfunding?

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