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Crowdfunding To Send Immanuel To Study At Oxford

Immanuel Lewis, was born and spent the majority of his upbringing in Inglewood California. He is a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of Howard University and has been admitted to his dream school, The University of Oxford in Oxford England, one of the oldest institutions in the world for a 1 year Theological Studies program.

As a international student, I has to contribute nearly the full cost of attendance (Tuition, Fees, Lodging). With tuition, fees, and lodging, I will need $40,000 to attend Oxford.

Here is what he has to say in his own words: My Calling

Right now I believe part of my calling in life is to be Christian Apologist – someone who defends, commends and translates the Christian faith to people.

I seek to live my life in a way that will help everyone I meet have encounters with Jesus. I’m not talking about simply regular religious gatherings, but an encounter that can forever change one's life. I believe it is through this encounter with the Father that one can begin to work and live in such a way that they have a positive impact on lives, communities, and even the world.

I wish to contribute to apologetics and scholarship in a unique way. Whereas most apologetics examines spiritual worldviews, I believe it is also important to evaluate social worldviews as a way to construct a meaningful and impactful life.

So What is Christian Apologetics and what does An Apologist Do Exactly?

Christian apologetics best described is the rational defense of the Christian worldview as objectively true, rational compelling and existentially or subjectively engaging.

An apologist
A.) defends the gospel against tricky questions and difficult objections to the Christian Worldview such as:

-The Problem of Evil & Suffering
-The Existence of God
-Religious Pluralism
-Defending the Rationality of the Trinity and the Resurrection of Jesus.
-& Answering the question of how we arrived here. Was it purely evolution, creation, or something in the middle?

B.) Translates The Core Themes And Ideas of The Gospel for those that Sincerely Ask.

An Apologist is able to communicate the gospel and Christian Worldview To Those unfamiliar with the faith and core teachings. In a Nutshell This would be:

-The Character of God
-The Christian Meta-narrative, or the big picture story of Christianity that allows for meaning making and purpose in life. As C.S. Lewis saw, the story we believe we are in has a huge impact on the way that we live our lives.

How Do I Seek To Add To The Existing Scholarship and Practice of Apologetics?

Most of Apologetics defends Christianity from competing Religious Worldviews, yet I believe the 21st Century Apologist has to go one step further and translate how worldview evaluation can help everyday people in day-to-day life.

For This reason I seek to examine and offer solutions to 'hidden worldviews'. Hidden worldviews are worldviews that we intellectually reject but seems to be at the core of our societal way of living.
For Our Purposes Here Lets Examine The Worldview of Consumerism. Many scholars write about how minority communities seek to have economic power for community development and upliftment. Although the scholarship is amazing, results will prove difficult until we understand the dominant worldview of consumerism and the individual part we play.

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