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Crowdfunding being used to support Lammily doll, the new average sized barbie

Meet Lammily, Crowdfunding platform being used to make this average sized doll a reality
Meet Lammily, Crowdfunding platform being used to make this average sized doll a reality
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Nickolay Lamm has taken to the community through the Crowdfunding platform to fund the new Lammily doll. Lammily is a far more realistically proportioned and more racially diverse looking doll.

Nickolay Lamm wanted to create a doll that looks like a healthy or average 19 year old woman.

Lammily's proportions are based on the average girls sizes today.

Lamm is a researcher and a graphic designer. Though he did see that attention needed to be brought to the ridiculously thin and ill-proportioned traditional Barbie, he does not foresee making a plus size barbie.

Some parents argue that there are children with health issues that cause the obesity, and that these children too need a doll that they can relate to and feel beautiful.

Irregardless, it is a step away from traditional Barbie. Lamm's crowdfunding page will fund the Lammily project.

There are already pre-orders coming in for the Lammily doll, and those are being made through CrowdtiltOpen. Shipping is expected to begin this year providing his budget it met.

The doll's prices will start at $17.

Lamm stated, “I felt I had an obligation to do this,” he told Quartz. “The Real Barbie project was cool and everything, but I didn’t want to just frame that image on my wall and call it a day. I wanted to create something real.” He went on to say the, “Plus-size Barbie” concept isn’t something he’ll ever emulate; I want Lammily to be about promoting a healthy lifestyle with a healthy-looking doll.”

Lamm stated, “I’m all about diversity and loving yourself, but we do have an obesity epidemic. There are healthy plus-sized women out there, but as I whole I don’t want dolls that make kids think that being obese okay.”

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