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Crowd etiquette: How to behave in public places

How to behave in public
How to behave in public

Now is a good time to brush up the rules of behavior in public places. Vacations, theme parks, and summer events are crowded. When you are in a crowded place, there are some rules of etiquette to remember.

  • Everyone enjoying the event or theme park is just as important as you are.
  • Be polite and remember to wait your turn. Do not try to cut in the line or push others out of the way to get where you want to go.
  • If you are at an amusement park or other crowded venue, do not stand in the intersections discussing what you are doing next, or reading the map to determine your direction. This makes it difficult for others to walk to their destination. Stand next to a wall to make your decisions.
  • Do not cut in between families. Families sometimes move slowly, so simply past them on the right or the left.
  • Do not stand in the refreshment line with your friends unless you are actually in the line. The line for refreshments is not a place to gather and talk.
  • If only one person is getting something, the entire group does not need to stand in the line with that person.
  • Do not reach around someone filling a beverage to get your beverage. Do not reach in front of someone to get your condiments.
  • Make your food choices when you are standing in line waiting so that you can order promptly.
  • Avoid making special orders as this just slows everyone down. It is simpler to take the pickles off your burger than make fifty people wait.
  • Just because you can put down your tray in a fast food restaurant does not mean you can eat there. Do not eat in front of the beverage dispensers or in front of the condiments. Find a table and sit down.
  • Do not add to the stress of being in a crowd. Make your plans before you go. Be polite.
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