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Crowbait Pictures and others aim to finish an unprecedented medical documentary

The idea of a documentary is not a new one. Scores of producers have created documentaries on a plethora of topics, each as important as the last. There is one topic, however, that has remained untouched for far too long.

A zebra like this one represents an important diagnostic concept.
© Natural Selection David Ponton/Design Pics/Corbis

Crowbait Pictures is working with Undiagnosed Films, the NeuroBehavioral Institute, Dr. Katia Moritz, and others to create Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees.

For those living without a diagnosis, life comes to a complete halt. You feel hopelessly and endlessly stuck. It is an overwhelming, depressing uphill battle. Before you can even take one step forward, you take five leaps back. The problem is so severe, in fact, that patients sometimes die before they get answers.

Moreover, a lot of people don't even realize that this problem exists. They assume that you get sick, go to the doctor, get a prescription, and go home. They can't comprehend a scenario beyond that. Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is a documentary that wants to create awareness. explains, "Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is a medical documentary about what it is like to exist in a constant state of unknown, struggling with undiagnosed illnesses and rare diseases, and existing as medical refugees in a modern health care system."

The film is currently in post-production, but funds are running low. They are now asking for donations so that they can complete this groundbreaking film.

There's a saying in the medical community. It states, "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." This old adage suggests that you should look for the simplest causes of disease. But this film reveals that there are millions of zebras out there who are desperate for help. Now is the time to show the world their stripes.

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