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Crosstown rivalry doesn’t matter

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs are set to meet at Wrigley Field today to start what amounts to a four-game set. Problem is, while emotions will run high and the drunk will act stupid, the outcome likely doesn’t matter. Don’t believe me, ask Paul Konerko. The Pale Hose first baseman had this to say to

"When I first got here [in 1999], the focus was -- I think some of our fans might have even felt that winning the season series against the Cubs almost is more important than making the playoffs, which is crazy. That was kind of the sentiment: If you beat them, then we don't care about the rest.

"Just make sure you beat the Cubs. But I think as both teams made the playoffs a couple of times or we won the World Series, we had our sights set on bigger things, and so did they."

And therein lies the point. Both sides of town have their talking and joking points about one another, but all that’s fodder for idiots. What are the teams and front offices worried about while fans insult each other? Wins. That’s it.

So Sox fans, celebrate that you won the 2005 World Series. Our neighbors to the north haven’t done it since 1908. Cubs fans, celebrate that you have one of the better farm systems in MLB and better days are likely on the horizon. And please, let’s all remember that all that is at stake here is four games … nothing more.

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