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CrossRope revolutionizes the way we use jump ropes

The CrossRope interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system.
The CrossRope interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system.

Two things come to mind when you think of jumping rope, little girls on the playground, bodybuilders and double dutch, Ok well, that's three things but when you think in terms of exercising jumping rope is probably on the bottom of your list. It's a low impact resistance exercise but not one many people incorporate into their workouts. It's also considered one of the best ways to condition your body. To add resistance to their jump rope workout many people have resorted to adding weights either to their ankles or wrists. But not anymore.

The CrossRope interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system

Created by an active duty Navy pilot, Dave Hunt, has created the first ever interchangeable weighted jump rope system the CrossRope. CrossRope features seven cable types (Sprint, Speed, Stamina, Explode, Power, Strength and Titan) that each serve a different purpose with adjustable weights that range from two ounces to three pounds to give you the workout that you're looking for. By using a customizable jump rope system the user can get a serious range of high performance workout and training capabilities that can be used in a daily workout or as part of an intensive training regardless of whether you're a beginner, an advanced trainer or an MMA fighter.

'I wanted a very fast and responsive jump rope that could also incorporate heavier jump rope weights for powerful workouts without jeopardizing long-lasting qualities,' says founder of CrossRope, David Hunt. 'I aim to provide CrossRope customers with a jump rope that is customized to their specifications, revolutionizing their workout and challenging them to reach their true fitness potential.'

CrossRope users will find that by using the interchangeable jump rope system that it is best for training and conditioning and can provide long-term benefits and lasting results when integrated into a multitude of workout routine types. Not sure how the CrossRope will fit into your workout routine? Just head on over to where users can learn new and effective ways to use CrossRope by watching instructional exercise clips along with workout samples and suggestions.

CrossRope was also recognized in Men's Journal as their ' 2013 Gear of the Year' and was recently featured on's 'Fitness Products That Actually Work.' CrossRope’s ultimate mission is to provide customers with a jump rope that can be customized to their specifications and will revolutionize their workout and challenge them to reach their true fitness potential!

For more information about CrossRope and where to purchase visit

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