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Crossroads, money and spirituality how do you do it

Crossroads can be hard. Mentally they are a very difficult place to be because your life is a a major turning point. Change is about to take place on a grand scale and many things in your life may have come to an end. Endings can be a difficult place for you, people may have walked out on your, careers may have downsized.

Crossroads, money and spirituality how do you do it

You asked for this change at some point in your life Change is not welcome no matter how unhappy your set of circumstances may have been. The change happens abruptly and for most people along with it comes a change in your fortune. If you were given a menu of life options you probably would not have chosen this particular avenue or way for your changes to occur.

Following your heart Now at the crossroads it may seem a crazy thing to be thinking of ‘following your heart.’ You are worried about money, and bills and where you are going to live; all the many things to which you cleaved to that are leaving.” Dreams, silly girl you don’t need no stinking dreams” is what might be going off in your head right now, or even what some so-called, well-meaning people in your life, the ones who are left around you, may be telling you.

It’s about putting meaning back into your life It’s about being fulfilled. Believe it or not there really is more to life than paying bills and worrying that they get paid. It’s a way of life, but it’s not the only way. Yes you still have to do the dishes but there is more to the miracle of life and your soul than all of the worries you have used to put between you and becoming intimate with your soul.

Dive in deeply when the water starts rising This to may sound counterproductive or at least the last thing you really want to do at this point in your juncture. Breathe deeply and go with the flow, row your boat gently down the stream. Like the lo ride at the amusement park, there may be some shifts in the water and you might get splashed, but the less you fight it the better off you will be.

Don’t suffer over your suffering "Oh woahs me." If you are not used to peaks and valleys, if you were in denial or used to shoving and shoving your emotions way deep down inside to the point of not even know they existed anymore in order to please others or to make it look like the boat wasn’t already rocking, you will be in for a big surprise and undertaking. You are going to be a roller coaster of emotions. You are going to feel every single one of them intensely.

In other words you just might scream all the way down the other side of the hill, thoroughly and loudly. Unclench your hands on the back of the seat in front of you or from the bar across your lap, and learn to enjoy the ride. Through your hands in the air and laugh and giggle. These are the trials, tribulations and the good and amazing times you will look back on and share with your children and grandchildren. These are the times good stories are made of. Don’t add more drama to your story than is already there.

You will learn that you can do with less You will learn you can make your money go farther. It’s letting go of the pressure. You will learn that all that money wasn’t buying you happiness. You will learn you weren’t necessarily surrounded by love. More importantly you will learn that your dreams are the wish your heart makes. Life really is what happens while you are busy making other plans like spending too much time worrying about paying the bills or keeping up with ‘The Joneses.’

Life at the crossroads is an epiphany making you wake up from your dull and boring routine, and enjoy the coffee and really smelling the roses, and taking the time to paint or draw them. It’s restoring calm. It’s the wabi sabi of the ritual of making tea. It’s the moment, the time you make to share in and enjoy life for your soul and your being. It’s the noticing the thread in your garment is precious. We are all connected in this together. You must live it to get a taste of it. Let’s hold hands.

Breathe deeply, exhale and watch Lilou Mace interviewing model guru inspirational Yogi Cameron and take it in. He has a lot of good things to say for the soul.

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