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Crossing the Street Safely

Crossing street
Crossing street

Kids like adults are in a hurry at times and forget to use good judgement when crossing the street. It's important to instill in their minds at an early age to always look both ways and all around when crossing the street. Always look for a marked crosswalk if available. Make sure the driver sees you attempting to cross the street by making eye contact with the driver and looking for an indication from the driver that he is stopping for you. I teach my granddaughters all the time street crossing safety and test them on it.

Kids are smart and they are watching you if you practice what you teach. I was caught by my granddaughter not looking both ways and all around to cross the street when I was taking her to the bus stop to go to school. I actually did look both ways and all around. We were in a hurry and she thought I did not look out for cars when we crossed the street. She told me you did not look both ways and I praised her for remembering that. I told her yes that's right always look both ways and all around you to be safe when crossing the street.