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Crossing Maryland Day 2 for Bohde Henley

Type of Cancer: Neuroblastoma at age 4
Type of Cancer: Neuroblastoma at age 4
Cool Kids Campaign

The first day of my trek went so well, I can only suggest more of the same. The weather did start out crummy, but that was a good thing, holding the temps down with clouds and light rain most of the morning.

The day turned out to be 42 miles since the spot we picked in La Vale (just west of Cumberland)to stop did not have a shoulder for the truck to pull over. So a mile shorter tomorrow- BONUS! But good progress past Garrett County after starting at the top of Wisp in the fog and rain. According to my Suunto GPS watch (which I will demo this week), I had an average heart rate of 157 bpm and burned 6414 calories. Wow! Today will be the most challenging terrain of the entire trek.

Today’s route and live tracking links are below. I do hope you read through for Bohde’s story and donate to our fundraiser. I am doing this for personal reasons and challenging my social media reach of 1-2 million people per week to see if we can do some real good together.

First: On my playlist today

No Rain- Blind Melon

Do you know the video with the girl in the bumble bee costume?

“All I can say is that my life is pretty plain

I like watchin' the puddles gather rain

OK, I guess my life is not plain besides doing this crazy trek, but my story about my leg at age 14 (trust me, I have many more stories that can outdo that), but I do like the rain as a weather guy, I just want my feet to stay dry and blister free this week.

You could say this song is about a drama queen in simple terms. Needing a problem to feel like things are as they should be:

And I don't understand why I sleep all day

And I start to complain that there's no rain

But sometimes problems are too much for anyone to deserve or need to handle.

They need help and support:

I just want some one to say to me

I'll always be there when you wake

Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today

So stay with me and I'll have it made

Yet so many of the Cool Kids seem to have an amazing way of staying optimistic. That is the goal, to keep them that way. But I found that sharing their stories, actually helps some adults realize how minimal their stress is day to day.

Today’s hike is for Bohde Henly

4 years old

Type of Cancer: Neuroblastoma

Lives in Westminster

From Bodhe’s mom:

Bodhe is one of the coolest kids ever and a great big brother. He has a loving heart and tells me he is going to marry me. Sounds good to me!

General Interests/Likes/Dislikes:

All boy stuff! Running, jumping, swinging, sword fights, painting, stickers.

What is the overriding attitude you try to maintain through this cancer experience?

All is going to be okay.

What could you teach the world about cancer?

Cancer sucks! Cancer is a hurdle that will be jumped.

What is your biggest frustration right now?

Boredom in the hospital.

How have you maintained a sense of normalcy during the treatment period?

Spending time with family and friends and playing with my dogs.

What are your dreams for the future?

To enjoy life to the fullest! And to fly kites, lots of them.

Please add anything else that you would like people to know about you.

Kids stay in the hospital for months at a time. You run out of things to do and ways to keep them entertained. Volunteers are wonderful! If there were more volunteers it can change up the kids and parents day. Make more smiles.

My entire Trek across Maryland is to raise money and continue to provide services for kids like Bohde to keep positive and BEAT THIS THING!

Please consider my efforts and consider being part of our Fundraiser

Optimistically I wish we could raise $1 for every person on my FB page. That would be $162,00+, but that might not happen. Realistically, I set the mark at $14,000. That number again for my age when I was sick. Note that most kids we work with are much younger, and we want them to go well past 14 (and 41).

Help support now on our Razoo page:

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My story

Day 1- Jackson Buck

Today’s links as I Cross Maryland for Cool Kids Campaign:

Day 2 interactive route-

Click imperial units on the right side. This will be the most challenging terrain between the city of Cumberland and Hancock.

Live Tracking

This will activate when I turn on my phone GPS

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