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Crossfit can get you lean and ripped

For INTENSE workouts to get lean and ripped, try Crossfit
For INTENSE workouts to get lean and ripped, try Crossfit
Crossfit Las Vegas

You have probably seen or heard of P90X or the Insanity workouts by now. The principle of these at home DVD's is "muscle confusion", or the basis of constantly changing up workouts to keep the body guessing. Also, inherently, there is a high degree of intensity in the workouts for maximum calorie burn. 

What if you not the kind of person who does at home videos? This is where Crossfit comes in. What is Crossfit?

 CrossFit is the main strength and conditioning program for many police, fire, military, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes across the globe.

Crossfit claims that its specialty is in not specializing. You become good at everything; strength, speed, agility, cardio fitness, and flexibility.The workouts are always changing and always intense.

A Crossfit gym is not like any other gyms you are used to seeing. Most of them are inside warehouses and use very little equipment. Body-weight exercises are common, and you'll never find yourself staring at a treadmill for hours. Crossfit workouts can be adapted to any fitness level. This is a great workout for those people who are competitive and like to push themselves to the limit. 

Here is a list of some Crossfit gyms in Las Vegas. Please call ahead as some class times may change:

  • Crossfit Las Vegas (near airport) -121 E. Sunset (702) 361-4428- Share the Pain, once a month. Take free classes with members.
  • SinCity Crossfit  (near automall)-7685 Commercial Way # A/B Henderson- (702) 564-2461
  • Crossfit 702 (NorthWest/Mtn. View Hospital) -7310 Smoke Ranch Road, Suite N/O -(702) 462-6212
  • PFC Crossfit (Spring Mtn./Decatur) Contact PFCrossFit at for information regarding rates, times, location and a free first time "beginner's" session.
  • Kaizen Crossfit (Southwest)- 4520 S. Hualapai Way Ste. 101 (702) 982-3333
  • Women's only Crossfit @ Studio 222 (Flamingo/Durango)- 8645 W Flamingo Rd Suite 104- (702) 769-2991- Women's Only CrossFit with Heather Doane is at 1pm  every Saturday. Drop in and your first class is FREE!
  • Please click on links for more information at each site


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