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CrossFit and low carb diet win for bodybuilders, beauty queens and Bob Harper

Beauty queens complete fitness routine with CrossFit.
Beauty queens complete fitness routine with CrossFit.
Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images

In the world of exercise options, CrossFit ranks high on the list of the toughest. Combine those workouts with a Paleo-style low carb diet, and you've got a program that creates world-class athletes, reported Bodybuilding on Friday.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet will compete for the fifth time in the CrossFit Games, and is one of the top 10 CrossFitters in the world. Her goal: Compete in weightlifting in the 2016 Olympics.

For those who think that CrossFit isn't safe, Camille is quick to correct them. She feels it extends mobility and can even, when properly directed, help with rehab.

Camille's Paleo low carb diet favorites include chicken, eggs, bacon, spinach, sweet potatoes, raspberries and coconut water. On her list of emergency foods: Dark chocolate.

But don't assume that only female bodybuilders do CrossFit. Before winning her title, Miss South Texas Keli Kryfko lost 100 pounds using CrossFit-style exercises and a high protein low-carb diet, reported ABC News on Friday.

Keli's favorite exercises include burpees and planks. But her transformation came only after she suffered humiliation because of her weight.

Bullied for being overweight in middle school, Keli failed a physical education test. She heard girls joking about her and saying 'Can you believe the fat girl can't do it?'"

Now she's hoping to inspire others. "Your crown can be your voice, and I really want my crown to be the voice for those people who feel like they don't have one," added Keli.

Helping to publicize the benefits of CrossFit for everyone: "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper, author of "Skinny Meals: Everything You Need to Lose Weight-Fast." He admits that when he first discovered CrossFit, he "found it to be the hardest workout that I'd ever done."

"The results that I have seen in my strength and physicality have been unparalleled to any other things I have ever done in my more than 20 years in the fitness business. I drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid," wrote Bob in a column for the Huffington Post.

Bob proclaims that it "was love at first burpee, and I've been hooked ever since, and now I incorporate this workout as my primary way to work out my contestants on The Biggest Loser. I believe in it that much."

For those who can't get to a facility, Bob has created a series of fitness DVDs showcasing moves such as his beloved burpees, including "Biggest Loser: 8 Minute Body Blasters." The variety of exercises showcases CrossFit's philosophy that exercises using the entire body yield the best results.

Bob isn't the only celebrity trainer recommending CrossFit. On her site, Jillian Michaels advises would-be weight loss winners to "try adding new classes to your regimen like a spin class at Flywheel, boxing, CrossFit." She's also created her own fitness DVDs, such as "Jillian Michaels Body Revolution."

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