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‘Crossbones’ episode 3 spoilers: ‘The Man Who Killed Blackbeard’

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

NBC’s “Crossbones” has revealed several spoilers for fans who have been following the first season of the pirate show. On Thursday, the official Facebook page revealed that the third episode would focus on a shaky alliance created for a rescue mission. Blackbeard and Tom Lowe must rescue Kate Balfour before she shares information that will threaten the lives of many people.

William Jagger has taken Kate as a hostage, and he has her tied up to prevent an escape. Blackbeard and Lowe must focus their resources on getting Kate away from Jagger because the pirate is worried she will talk about his island. This means they must go to Jamaica and plan a quick rescue despite the limited amount of time. Kate’s life hangs in the balance as Jagger makes the cruel decision to bury her alive in a coffin made of wood.

Blackbeard, who is also known as Edward Teach, is being pursued by William Jagger, so he is deeply concerned about keeping information about the island a secret. Lowe, who is actually an assassin hired to kill the pirate, makes up part of the rescue group. However, Blackbeard does not trust Lowe completely, and previous episodes reveal he has his doubts about the man’s motives.

On “Crossbones,” producers have indicated that people believe Blackbeard is actually dead, but his enemies know the truth. However, the pirate is obsessed with keeping his island a secret because it would give his enemies easy access to destroy him. Meanwhile, Lowe is in the background with his own doubts about assassinating Blackbeard. John Malkovich plays Blackbeard, who is also called the Commodore, on the NBC drama, and the next episode may test his fighting skills. The pirates are likely to meet resistance during their rescue attempts, so fans should be prepared for more action.

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