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Cross training for kayaking


Cross training allows you to swap activities when one set of muscles get tired. Using different muscle sets, while resting others, all goes towards improving the cardio vascular system and building endurance.
Getting the body to adapt to a wide variety of external stressors will allow it to become efficient at providing strength and power when you need it.

Benefits of Cross Training for Kayaking

* Works different muscles
* Fitness maintenance, work through injury periods
* Promotes motivation
* Creates muscle balance, work entire body
* Allows you to train no matter the conditions
* Builds fitness (cardio)
* Reduces the risk of injury
* Improves your skill, agility and balance

Be creative and mix it up as often as you can. Wobble boards, medicine balls, strength training, running, biking, yoga, swimming, just about anything goes. Doing any one activity , over and over again, relentlessly, open you up to injuries.



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