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'Cross of Fire' true-story movie: David 'D.C.' Stephenson-Madge Oberholtzer

true story based on an Indiana case
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"Cross of Fire" is a movie based on the true story of Madge Oberholtzer and David 'D.C.' Stephenson.

"Cross of Fire" first came to television in November 1989 as a two-part Sunday night movie. The movie is directed by Paul Wendkos and written by Robert Crais. The cast stars: Mel Harris, David Morse and John Heard, according to the New York Times.

"Cross of Fire" synopsis/plot

Chronicles the life story of David Stephenson, an abusive Ku Klux Klan grand dragon who is brought to justice for the brutal murder of a young schoolteacher.

Movie themes: violence, rape, bite marks, abusive relationship, Ku Klux Klan

The true story that inspired the movie involves events that led to the death of a school teacher in Indiana in the 1920's.

According to court records, D.C. Stephenson aka David Stephenson brutally attacked Madge Oberholtzer in 1925.

Madge Oberholtzer was bitten and beaten during the attack. She later died from complications, Indiana state records confirm.

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