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Cross Country Home Services offers a leadership program

Many people go to work for a company and find their advance is slow. Some people never get a promotion.

Cross Country Home Services has developed a program known as Goals, Engagement, Accountability, Results, (GEAR). It is leadership program that offers employee a chance to leave their regular positions for 12 months to work in all areas of the company. They perform six two month assignments in each department of the company, according to an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the March 6 Sun Sentinel.

Many companies talk about how they want to find more talent but this is one company that is actually working to help more people advance. It may pay off well in the future as those who have received this training may stay with the company for a longer period.

"I think it is good that this company is helping people get the training and experience they need to advance," said Diane Crenshaw.

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