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Crop top wedding gowns: Tacky or tasteful?

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Reality tv shows have taken over. As a result, the majority of women get their fashion cues from reality tv starlets such as Kim Kardashian and ladies of the Real Housewives/Love and Hip Hop shows. Women are walking the street these days revealing more than ever of their silhouettes, a major skip and jump away from the classier styles of decades past. With this being said, the crop top has become one of the most popular trends of the last few years, especially 2014. Women everywhere of all body types are baring their midriff, and it's no longer only reserved for the gym. With everyone so interested in baring their tummies, it's no surprise that the bridal gown designers have taken notice.

Crop top wedding gowns are predicted to be a hit in 2014 and 2o15.

Recent bridal gown shows in New York City have proven that the bridal wear companies can also keep up with the latest fashion trends. Crop top wedding gowns were featured in shows, designed by the likes of Houghton, Theia, and Elizabeth Stuart. The looks gave off a very different vibe for wedding style, giving the traditional gown a somewhat dressed down look. Necklines consisted of a boatneck style crop bodice, paired with a long flowing maxi skirt. One of the crop top styles was asymmetrical with a tulip style cut, adding a more sophisticated element to the midriff baring look. One style including a long sleeved crop top, which helped to minimize the shock effect of the bare midriff.

Weddings are usually sophisticated events. Traditional wedding gowns are designed to hug the silhouette in a classy way, and exhibit fairy tale style elegance. Crop tops have never really been associated with class or sophistication, but they are extremely popular in today's style. Will this midriff baring style be a hit in weddings to come, or should crop tops be kept in more casual settings?