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Crop Circles pop up: People flocking to crop circle phenomenon in Germany

Crop circles have popped up within days of each other in England, Germany and Russia. The crop circles appear overnight and in one case the field was monitored by security cameras. While a crop circle was created there, nothing as far as people or suspicious activity showed up on recorded video, according to the Inquisitr on July 30.

Crop circles are plentiful this year, this one in Germany in a farmers wheat field has people flocking to it from near and far.
YouTube screen shot

The crop circles started to show up regularly back in the ‘70s and although mention of fields folded down in a circle shape is found in newspapers dating back to 1678, these weren’t anything near the intricate designs of today that crop circles display.

One of the latest crop circles was found by a man drifting over a field in a balloon, according to The Christian Science Monitor today. This was a crop circle seen in Germany and it is hard to imagine that someone could do such an intricate design spanning 246 feet from the ground.

The Germany crop circle appeared overnight in a farmer’s field and he said he had nothing to do with the event. People have been coming out of the woodwork to see this crop circle. Some are dancing, chanting, doing rituals and even swinging pendulums while in this crop circle today.

Some believe these circles have a special energy to them and they've come to bath in that invisible force. People are seen lying down on the bent crops that make the design of this circle. Apparently they are trying to get as close to that energy as possible!

Theories range from visitors from another planet leaving the world a message, to college kids having a blast creating them as a prank while out on summer vacation. The farmer from Germany said he is not sure if he will leave the crop circle up or if he will be mowing it down soon.

Dating back to the ‘70s the crop circles have appeared in just hours after a field was last seen untouched. Usually they are found in the morning as if someone or something came in overnight to create these beautiful pieces of art. People have suggested these crop circles are caused by unusual wind patterns, hedgehogs, invisible energy fields and of course the one that carries the most infatuation, aliens.

According to the Inquisitr, the first reported crop circle of the 2014 growing season appeared in Dorset, England. It was created in just one night and spans 400 feet. Its geometric shapes are one of the most intricate designs seen yet, so how is this done?

Can people really sneak out into the fields and create these designs, which are perfectly shaped and done with so much detail in the course of one night? If machines for mowing down the crops are used, someone would have heard them by now, it’s been decades since this mystery became a part of the growing season each year. Who or what do you think is making these unbelievable designs?

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