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Crop circles in Germany and England: Tourists flock to crop circles

In what has become Germany’s latest tourist attraction, thousands of people are visiting a Bavarian farmer's field to see a mysterious set of crop circles, AOL News reported Wednesday. But the unusual crop circles are not limited to Germany. Similar spectacular crop circles have sprung up in the UK.

Click here for an updated story that includes video of the crop circles in England and includes information about new crop circles in Russia.

In Germany, the very elaborate crop circles were first spotted by a man in a hot air balloon last week. He spread the word. Apparently, if you build a crop circle, they will come. And the tourists are still showing up at the field to take in the mystery.

The farmer who owns the field near Weiheim, Germany, Christoph Huttner, told the dpa news agency Tuesday he didn't create the circle himself.

If the field owner didn’t create the crop circle who did? The farmer dismissed any talk that the circles were the result of any paranormal activity or created by ET’s or aliens from outer space. He said it was likely that the designs were made by students on summer vacation. The crop circle in his field is 75-feet in diameter.

The dpa news agency says visitors are making their way to the field to sing, dance and even perform spiritual ceremonies. Some have been swinging pendulums in the giant image, apparently to get some sort of energy or vibe from the design.
The farmer, Huttner, says he doesn’t know how long he will leave the design up. So far he hasn’t charged visitors to see his crop circle.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail notes that a huge crop circle has appeared this month in South West England.

Reports the Mail, “The first crop circle of the year has appeared in a field near Blandford Forum in Dorset leaving locals stumped over who or what created it.

”Covering an enormous stretch of wheat field, the 400ft pattern, which is made up of geometric lines and circles, emerged overnight.

“While many believe crop circles are created by local pranksters, some think the mysterious shapes are evidence of aliens, including amateur pilot and crop circle enthusiast Matthew Williams, 43, who said: ‘Whoever, or whatever, created the shape must have been there all night - you have to really admire their handiwork.'”

So far, we don't know if there is any connection between the crop circles in Germany and England. Some are speculating that the circles may have been made by the same artists, while others say it is just a coincidence.

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