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Crooked politicians: Governor McDonnell and wife

Scratching the surface, prosecutors nailed former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell with 11 federal corruption charges. Let’s just say that it is likely the tip of the iceberg of corruption among “big money” politicians. Big money corrupts the system, and thanks to Republicans who have twisted the meaning of free speech to mean unlimited campaign contributions, and corporations are people too, worse is likely to come.

Eric Cantor could hardly wait to spin out of office and onto Wall Street where as a “banker” he will represent and open doors to Washington. That revolving door barely made 360 degrees around the turnstyle before Cantor put out a shingle. There is no evidence of any wrong doing, of course, where all is fair in a capitalist society. It’s patriotic to open doors.

Back to the lead story, the story by The Hill says the McDonnells will be spend decades in the pokey. That’s a far cry from the Governor’s mansion where the digs were never quite enough for Maureen.

Just think, Bob McDonnell made Mitt Romney’s short list for Vice Presidential candidates. So much for the vetting process.

Something to watch for and to calculate in the future is to compare entry level income of a politician and then track net worth. If the numbers become too much to believe, and if bank accounts are popping up all over the place, including offshore, voters had better start sniffing around, and so must law enforcement. Stay tuned.

“McDonnell found guilty of 11 federal corruption charges
By Rebecca Shabad

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) was found guilty Thursday of 11 corruption charges and his wife, Maureen, was found guilty of nine counts, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

A federal grand jury indicted the couple in January on 14 counts related to their decision to receive thousands of gifts and loans from a prominent political donor and businessman.

The verdict from a federal district court in Richmond, Va., comes more than a year after the scandal, which virtually ended McDonnell’s political career, began to unfold.

The jury began deliberating the outcome of the case on Tuesday after hearing from dozens of witnesses over the course of more than a month.

McDonnell and his wife could face decades in prison and fines of more than $1 million. Prosecutors accuse the couple of illegally accepting $177,000 in large loans, expensive gifts and luxury vacations from Jonnie R. Williams Sr., an executive at dietary supplement company Star Scientific. In return, Williams received special treatment from the governor’s office to help his company.

The gifts included a New York City shopping spree for McDonnell’s wife, a Rolex watch that had the governor’s title inscribed in it, a trip to a Final Four basketball game and a stay at a vacation home.”

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