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Human remains in crocodile: 16-ft. croc nabs man off boat on family fishing trip

What cops found inside a crocodile might remind you of that line from the movie "Jaws" when the mayor doesn't want the shark to be cut open on the dock in case human remains were to spill out of the monster. That was what Australian police had to do recently, open two crocodiles looking for the remains of a man snatched by one of these creatures while fishing in a boat with his family.

Crocodile is cut open and human remains found. It is believed to be the remains of a man that the creature snatched out of his boat in front of his family. This is a file picture, that shows just how big they can get.
Wikimedia Commons

According to NBC News on June 8, one of the crocodiles did in fact contain the remains of a human. The remains are believed to be of a 62-year-old man who was out fishing with his wife, son and daughter-in-law when the man was taken by a crocodile.

The man was emptying a bucket over the side of his boat at a billabong, which is a pool of water, or a blind channel, that branches out of a river. The crocodile seemingly came out of nowhere and snatched the man right out of his boat and took him away.

The family was fishing in a popular spot for tourists in Kakadu National Park, which is southeast of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territories. The Kakadu Park rangers located two crocodiles using their expertise of crocodile behavior.

They located the large salt-water crocodiles in a billabong and they shot and killed both of the creatures. The next gruesome task was to open them up and look for human remains. In one of the crocodiles a "quantity of human remains were recovered."

The crocodile containing the human remains was just under 16-feet long. It was a big creature. A mystery surrounds the attack on this man because this is not the time of year that these creatures attack. According to Crocodile expert Graeme Webb, the crocodiles usually attack in the warmer months, according to ABC News Australia.

During the summer months crocodiles are more active, therefore they need more food. This is not the time of the year anyone with any knowledge of these beasts would expect for them to attack prey, especially a human.

Law enforcement officials were thankful the recovery of the man was able to happen quickly. Some of these recovers can go on for a number of days.

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