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Crocodile attacks shark: Epic battle between predators caught on film (VIDEO)

Who wins the battle between a shark and a crocodile? No, it's not the premise of another Syfy movie, it is what some tourists who were on a cruise witnessed. A few Australian tourists got the rare opportunity to see a fight between two of the top predators on the planet: crocodile vs. shark.

As reported by IBT via Yahoo News today, Andrew Paice was on a wildlife cruise with his girlfriend and seven-year-old daughter on the Adelaide River in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia when they saw the unusual spectacle.

"It was on the way back to the jetty, we went past Brutus again, he was up on the bank," Paice told AFP reporters. "As we were going past, we noticed that there was a fin. We thought it was a barramundi (fish) or something. He continued..."And the guide took the boat in for a closer look and lo' and behold... it was a shark."

The massive 18-foot crocodile named Brutus, who is famous among tourist guides, is believed to be 80 years old and has a leg and most of his teeth missing -- some think it is due to a fight with another shark.

Although the Australian tourist was perplexed while witnessing the fight between a crocodile and a shark, he still managed to photograph the epic battle.

"I never even thought about a crocodile catching a shark before. It was absolutely amazing to see. Everyone was astonished. I was amazed I even caught it on camera. There’s some amazing sites to see up here. To see the jumping crocodiles was pretty amazing but then to see this… I think it will be pretty hard to top,” Paice expressed.

The 43-year-old is just four months into a year-long trip across Australia with his family to see everything the world's sixth-largest country has to offer. Paice knew he would see some breath taking scenes, but he never expected to witness a battle between a croc and a shark.

The Northern Territory News reported that Brutus was the victor in the epic clash because he was later spotted making a meal out of the bull shark.

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