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Crocheted scarf pattern: Anything But Drab

This crocheted scarf is simple to make.  Pair it with the matching hat for a great look.
This crocheted scarf is simple to make. Pair it with the matching hat for a great look.
Marie Anne St. Jean

The olive drab color of this scarf prompted the name of the pattern, but it really is anything but drab. This easy to crochet scarf makes a great set when paired with the matching Anything But Drab Hat (click to see pattern).

With the slightly raised texture from working in the back loop only of some of the pattern rows, the finished scarf and hat have almost an Aran or fisherman's knit look to them. I'm going to work up a set in an off-white color to see if it more closely mimics that effect.

At approximately 4" wide, it doesn't quite fit into the skinny scarf category, but it's not big and bulky either. As written, the pattern will yield a scarf approximately 60" long, but if you'd like a longer scarf to wrap multiple times or to fold in half and feed the ends through, increase the starting chain in increments of 6 to increase the length by 2"each.

Anything But Drab Scarf Pattern


Ch = chain
Sk = skip
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
BLO = back loop only

Foundation: With size I crochet hook and worsted weight yarn, ch 180.

Row 1: In back bump of chain, SC in second ch from hook and SC across (179 SC). Ch 1, turn. (Note: Working in the back bump of chain isn't required, but gives the piece a much cleaner, finished look).

Row 2-4: SC across (179 SC). Ch 1, turn (ch 2 at the end of row 4).

Row 5-9: DC in first st (turning ch becomes the SC), *sk 1, work SC and DC in BLO of next st. Repeat from * across, ending with regular SC in last st. Ch 2, turn (end of row 9, ch 1).

Row 10: SC in first st, SC across in BLO, ending with regular SC in last st. Ch 1, turn.

Row 11-12: SC across (NOT in BLO). Leaving a short tail, cut yarn and pull through last stitch. Weave in ends.

You may link to this pattern in an article or blog post, giving me proper credit, but please don't post the pattern itself. You may print one copy of this pattern for personal use, but if sharing the pattern with friends, please send them the link to the pattern instead of making printed copies. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please don't sell the pattern. If you are a member of Ravelry, feel free to post your projects made with this pattern.

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