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Crochet a leafy ladder stitch scarf in painterly colors and leaves

I'm going to give you a glimpse into the mind of a designer. Where I sit, I'm surrounded by yarn. It gets out of hand sometimes. It's mostly yarn leftovers from past projects that are generally partial skeins and small wound balls of mismatched colors. I removed all the blacks, whites and neutrals and set them aside for another project. I sorted the rest into color families, and then arranged each color family in order, from darkest to lightest. I picked out 2 greens that were close in color, Kiwi and Spring from the Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight line. To begin my blending technique, I took a strand of each green yarn and took up my P/5.5mm plastic hook, and made a chain. The 2 colors twisting together reminded me of a vine. A design started to take place in my mind. Then it hit me. I wanted to crochet a scarf of leaves! It had to be a pattern that was simple enough to memorize, that would have the greatest impact for the materials, and functional in an artsy type of way. What was my stitch of choice? The extended double crochet stitch, of course! I find this stitch works up fast and shows off plenty of yarn while working them. I decided to let this design evolve all on its own and began organically, with no clear ending, just a beginning.

A crochet scarf in painterly colors
Maria Merlino copyright 2014
Crochet a strand of leaves
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014

Stitch explanation: Extended Double Crochet (edc) Yarn over hook, insert in indicated stitch, pull up a loop,3 loops on hook, yarn over and pull thru one loop, 3 loops on hook, (yarn over and pull thru 2 loops) twice.

Here is a photo step by step of the edc stitch:


At least five colors of yarn, I used 2 greens that were similar but slightly different in color for the first set of leaves. The next set of leaves I used one green, and one pink. I cut the Spring and attached Petal Pink. The pink was slightly lighter in value, than the Kiwi, but the combination wasn't too graphic. For the next set of leaves, I cut the Kiwi and attached Raspberry. Petal Pink and Raspberry worked now for a deeper block of color. On the last set of leaves, I cut pink, attached Red and complete my scarf with the deepest tones. I used Super Saver and Bernat Super Value worsted weight yarn.

Plastic crochet hook size P/11.5mm. I used the one from my Red Heart Crystalites Set

Size: 62 inches long x 8 inch leaf to leaf span.

Gauge: 2 rows =4 inches, but really not important due to yarn variances. Make nice big soft stitches.

Instructions: Try to blend colors on a full edc rather than a span of chain. Leave a length on your cut yarn to work in. These were my guidelines with the yarn I had. Feel free to add and subtract the colors in your scrap basket.

Row 1: Holding 2 strands of green yarn together as one, ch 8, edc in the 8th ch from the hook, ch 3, edc in same st, ch 4, turn.

Row 2: 7 edc in ch-3 sp, ch 2, edc in the 3rd ch of the next space, ch 3, edc in same st ch 4, turn.

Row 3: 7 edc in ch-3 space, ch 2, (edc, ch 3, edc) in the first edc of the 7 edc group, leave rem 6 edc unworked, ch 4, turn.

Rows 4-12 : repeat row 3 with two greens (11 leaves)

Rows 13-23: repeat row 3 with one green and one pink.(11 leaves)

Rows 24-28: repeat row 3 with one pink and one raspberry (4 leaves)

Rows: 29-32: Repeat row 3 with one raspberry and one red. (6 leaves) Fasten off.

Weave in all yarn tails. Tug slightly on leaves to shape them.

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