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Critics Choice Seem to be Just That

Will They Clean Up One Last Time/
Will They Clean Up One Last Time/

Ever since they were established a mere three years ago, the Broadcast Critics TV awards seem to be doing exactly what they were intended to do--- give an alternate, and often more interesting panorama of choices for some of the great dramas and comedies on TV. They're even getting slowly but surely more exposed to a wider audience--- being broadcast on CW11 on June 19. Earlier today, the nominations were released, and while I don't agree with all of their choices, I am generally pleased that they don't yet seem to be falling into the habits the Emmys have been falling into, and are generally getting it closer to how the Golden Globes are doing, at least when it comes to TV
Here are my opinions of their nominations:

Best Drama: I pretty much agree with their selections across the board, though I might have nominated House of Cards rather than Game of Thrones. I'm especially impressed that they gave four nominations to FX's The Americans, a series that most definitely avoided the sophomore slump this year. It'll definitely be harder for Breaking Bad to win the top prize, though it's undoubtedly still the favorite.

Best Actor, Drama: Bryan Cranston and Matthew McConaughey I have no problem with. Matthew Rhys is a fine choice for The Americans, and Michael Sheen earned his spot for Masters of Sex. Freddie Highmore was very good on a struggling show. I'd definitely have Kevin Spacey or James Spader ahead of Hugh Darcy, though.

Best Actress, Drama: No complaints at all here. All six woman were at the top of their games (and for Tatiana Maslany that's saying something). I hope that the Emmys keep these women in mind, and remember Keri Russell and Maslany instead of Kerry Washington and Claire Danes.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama: Josh Charles, Aaron Paul and Walton Goggins were all good choice (though Goggins was weaker this season than he was last year.) Jon Voight was topped by the Golden Globes, so he couldn't be ignored. Jeffrey Wright for Boardwalk Empire is an odd choice, but I rather preferred his nod than Bobby Canavale for the same series last year. Peter Sarsgaard for The Killing? In my mind, they'd have done better to pick Dean Norris for his exit from Breaking Bad.

Best Supporting Actress: No problem with Baranski or Gunn. Bellamy Young was one of the few actors on Scandal who deserved a nomination. Annet Mahendru was a decent choice, and the Critics Choice have gone with Maggie Siff for Sons of Anarchy before. They could've picked Monica Potter or Erika Christensen for Parenthood, but otherwise.

Best Guest Performer: Not wild about how they put both actors and actress in the same category. Maybe in a couple of years--- Beau Bridges and Allison Janney both earned their picks for Masters of Sex. Carrie Preston always deserves to be noticed, and Joe Morton for Scandal was a good choice. I'll be interested to see if this has any influence on how they pick supporting or Guest actors and actresses for the Emmys this year

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