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Critically Injured Dog Recovering at No-Kill Shelter

Abe in surgery.
Abe in surgery.
AAWL, 2014

When the police officer found the large rottweiler on the side of the road last Monday, he wasn't sure if the dog would make it. A large section of muscle was torn from the inside of his back leg and his ear was nearly severed and he had multiple lacerations and head wounds. It's suspected the large rottweiler had been attacked by a pack of dogs.

The Phoenix police officer loaded the injured animal into his patrol car and took him directly to Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA's veterinary clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

With multiple serious wounds, the veterinarian discovered that the male Rottweiler may have been in fight with other dogs. The team at AAWL successfully reattached the ear and were able to clean and sew up many of the extensive lacerations, many of which required drainage tubes. The staff worked on this dog for over twelve hours.

The dog continues to show signs of improvement and has been moved into the office of an AAWL employee. He has been named "Abe" by staff.

Despite being very shy and heavily medicated, he has already begun approaching visitors in the hallway. Staff already love him and declare him to be a "very sweet dog" despite the terrifying ordeal.

"Every animal deserves a chance for a happy and healthy life and, although this is an extreme case, it is the core of what AAWL & SPCA does day in and day out," says Judith Gardner, President and CEO of AAWL & SPCA. She notes that the shelter's veterinary program is an integral part of this life-saving work, along with adoption, fostering, animal training and education programs.

More thanks to the Phoenix Police Department for the quick action by Officer Gary Potts who found the dog and immediately brought him to the shelter for care.

When Abe is sufficiently recovered, he will be available for adoption at AAWL & SPCA.

Donations for Abe's care (and the care of thousands of other abandoned and lost pets) can be made by visiting, and clicking on Donate/Medical Miracles Fund, or by calling 602-273-6852.

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