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Cristin Milioti images: Viewers want more of 'HIMYM' mom

Cristin Milioti images
Cristin Milioti images
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Last night was the end of "How I Met Your Mother" and this finale came with mixed feelings from fans. On March 31, She Knows shared an interview with Cristin Milioti which let fans know more about her. You can check out the slideshow on this page for her images.

Cristin did say that the cast was very welcoming to her. This actress doesn't use social media at all, but she said that the fans that have interacted with her in public have been nothing but sweet to her. It is great to hear that they are being nice and welcoming to the actress.

She got the job on the show before she really knew what she was going into. Cristin then binge watched the entire series and realized how important her character was to this popular show.

Last night fans saw Cristin's character died which meant that this left room for Ted to still end up with Robin in the end. This came with a lot of mixed feelings from fans of "HIMYM."