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Cristie's political bridge collapsed

Until reading the headline on Fox News, the Christie bridge scandal wasn’t taking hold. A Democrat mayor on the other side of the bridge would not endorse Christie, and so the governor clogged the bridge to Fort Lee. That caused congestion, economic and safety problems, all because Christie and his crowd wanted to take revenge.

'Close the bridge!'

Silliness, but with real consequences, Christie made a visible mistake. He exposed his cantankerous bully personality.

Christie’s future as a presidential candidate truly wasn’t going to make it. But, the bridge fiasco popped up earlier than expected in the political cycle.

His circumstance just shows how far a big mouth slob can get in politics. Add some crack to the scene and New Jersey looks like Toronto.

Jersey is a nice state, and here is hoping that he keeps it that way.

I'm from Jersey, you from Jersey?


Bridge revenge scandal could take toll

NEW JERSEY GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE faces what may be the biggest test of his political career after emails indicate a top aide was involved in George Washington Bridge lane closures that snarled traffic in Fort Lee after city's mayor refused to support his re-election bid.”

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