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'Crisis' star Josh Erenberg talks up the new NBC series

Josh Erenberg is one of the stars of NBC's new drama series Crisis, playing Anton Roth, the young man at the center of the pilot episode; thanks to the network's aggressive marketing campaign, you already know he's the one kid who doesn't get snatched up in the Washington, D.C.-set mass kidnapping plot.

Josh Erenberg stars as Anton Roth in NBC's new action-drama series 'Crisis'.
Isaac Sterling/Courtesy of Persona PR

But what does that little wrinkle mean for Josh's role on the show? And what's it like for him to work on the same series as the likes of Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney? BFTV asked him those questions and more in our recent interview.

"I have an idea about what's going to happen, but with writers like [executive producers] Rand [Ravich] and Far [Shariat], you never know where the story could go," he told us. "I want to watch the show unravel like everyone else."

Josh certainly got an action-packed introduction in the series, as he spent his part of the pilot fleeing from the bad guys, with Anton's only help coming from Secret Service agent Marcus Finley (Lance Gross). His character Anton wasn't a fan of the physical effort required, but was it equally tough on Josh to film? Maybe not as much, but it had its challenges.

"The hills were really steep, and when I slid on the show it wasn't acting," he said. "There was a ton of poison oak, and many of the crew were scratching all day! Lance and I got lucky, we were running through the woods all day and didn’t get poison oak."

The producers of Crisis previously stated at the show's TCA panel in January that each episode of the series would focus on an individual parent or individual child. So with Anton and his father being the focus of the pilot, and especially since he now appears to be out of harm's way, that's it for him, right? What more relevance could he have to the show's ongoing plot? As it turns out, his story isn't done yet.

"I can’t give too many details - [I'm] sworn to secrecy! Anton will definitely pop up though, in the season," Josh assured us. "However, if I had it my way, I think the FBI and Secret Service need someone with a younger perspective to solve this and many more crimes in the future. Anton would make a great consultant!"

"I really enjoyed working with everyone," he continued. "I would have loved to have worked with the high school group more. The entire cast was awesome. Lance and I made a great team; he is so funny."

Many of the series that Josh has appeared on previously are nowhere near as serious as Crisis, but he told us that being on the drama really isn't that much of a change from his comedy background. "I think my character is a bit of comic relief in Crisis, so serialized drama is not too different for me, so far in my career," he said. "I just filmed an episode of Dads. The episode was called 'Bully Gene,' and I got to push around Seth Green, which was a lot of fun."

What's one of his favorite past parts? "Playing a superhero as a kid in The Green Hornet was great," he enthused. "It was my first role and I was only eight years old. I had to cry the entire scene, which was a great way to get my start in the business."

Whatever happens with his character, Josh told us that he's learned one important thing from working on Crisis: "It would be nice to always have a phone with reception!"

Crisis airs Sundays at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC.

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