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‘Crisis’ spoilers: NBC premieres show with student hostage scenario

 "Crisis":  Children from elite Washington DC prep school  held hostage
"Crisis": Children from elite Washington DC prep school held hostage
NBC / Crisis / Facebook

The new show “Crisis” kicks off on Sunday night and the viewers are going to see the kids being held hostage first. The new series is looking at stiff competition on Sunday night’s with a jammed packed schedule full of highly watched shows, but when it comes to a hostage situation, it appears that NBC knows their audience. This is a “Crisis” spoiler for March 16, so viewers who don’t want to know the details need to look away now. According to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, the story surrounds a group of students who find themselves in a serious hostage situation.

The Students from the most elite of Washington, D.C., prep schools with diplomats, powerful politicians, and other Washington bigwigs. The bus is taken over on a trip to New York and the hijacked vehicle becomes a big issue as the parents find out. The team needs to do in and remove the kids that are taken hostage and defuse the situation.

The social commentary and intriguing aspects of the new show allow viewers a chance to see the twists and turns of several viewpoints, including the entitled parents. Refraining from getting too close to the emotions of the kids, the viewpoint of the cameras are from the alternative perspectives of law enforcement agencies and the chance to take down the bad guys are strengthened when everyone works together.

“Crisis” premieres on NBC with the pilot aired on Sunday night at p.m. ET.

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