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'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII' overview

'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII'
'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII'

“Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” is a game created by Square Enix, released under the “Final Fantasy VII” title, intending to act as a prequel to the main game. It was released for the PlayStation Portable(PSP) on September 13th, 2007, in Japan. Half a year later, the game was released on March 24th, 2008, in North America.

As stated, the “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” game sought to be a prequel to “Final Fantasy VII”. The game follows a young Shinra SOLDIER named Zack Fair. Those who played the original game would be somewhat familiar with that name, though he was only mentioned and shown in certain cut-scenes, and was never actually in the game.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” attempts to explain how Zack Fair came to meet Cloud Strife, the protagonist of “Final Fantasy VII”. The game tries to fill in gaps and go more in-depth with their relationship, something that the first game kept quite mysterious.

The story of “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” begins with Zack's climb to SOLDIER 1st class within the Shinra Electric Company. It starts with the disappearance of a high ranking officer called Genesis. On his mission to Wutai, Zack, at the time a mere 3rd class SOLDIER, is sent to investigate what happened to Genesis, Shinra fearing he was captured by Wutai troops. While investigating, Zack encounters clones of Genesis, hinting at something far more suspicious than a mear M.I.A. Agent. Not long after, Zack is promoted to 1st class, yet his mentor and idol Angeal is nowhere to be found. On a hunt to find the now missing Angeal as well as the rogue Genesis, Zack uncovers many dark secrets about Shinra and those he thought he knew.