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Cris 'Cyborg' wants Gina Carano to return to MMA for UFC fight vs Ronda Rousey

According to a March 6 post from FOX Sports, Cris "Cyborg" Santos is hoping Gina Carano returns to MMA for the simple reason that it would be good for women's MMA as a whole.

"Cyborg" had nothing but kind things to say about Carano, a woman she defeated in 2009 in what is still considered to be the biggest women's MMA fight of all-time.

Santos doesn't seem interested in a rematch with Carano, but she would like to see her return to the fold at some point, perhaps even against UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

I think it's great because when I fought her, she has a lot of fans follow her and this is very good for women's MMA. I'm not selfish, I think she's very good and she's got good Muay Thai and she has a lot of fans follow her. She's good for women's MMA. I want her to come back. It's good for all of those that like to watch her.

Santos, along with Holly Holm, Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano, is angling for her own title fight against Rousey.

She says she has great respect for Carano, but not for Rousey. Santos doesn't appear to be a fan of Rousey's brashness.

"She never stops talking about me," Cyborg stated about Rousey. "I said that and I respect Gina (Carano), Gina's a very nice girl, a very respectful girl, she's a very good fighter but (Ronda) spoke a lot of stuff about me. I love fighting, if I fight her I will keep fighting, I'm not a fake fighter, and if I fight her maybe she'll stop fighting and not want to fight anymore. I know one thing I have inside my heart, I'm a true fighter. If I fight her, I don't know, maybe she won't fight anymore."

The UFC hasn't made any official comment yet on who Rousey's next opponent will be. "Cyborg" is holding out hope that it's her.

"The first time I drop to 135 I'll fight in Invicta, and everything else will happen after that is a consequence. My focus isn't only on her," Cyborg said about Rousey. "My focus is on my next fight in Muay Thai and then fight in Invicta at 135 first, and after that is the consequence. This fight against Ronda is very important because everybody wants to watch and for sure I want to fight her. Because she's always talking about me, wanting to fight me, well let's go. I'll be ready."

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