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'Criminal Minds' spoilers, season 10 news: Will Reid die in season 9 finale?

Will Reid die in the season 9 'Criminal Minds' finale?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The season 9 “Criminal Minds” finale airs Wednesday, and fans are dying to pick up from where the last episode left off. Morgan and Reid were shot, and the preview has teased that someone will say goodbye forever. Will one of these guys die? There are a few “Criminal Minds” spoilers out for episode 9x24, and TV Guide shared the latest on Wednesday.

Luckily fans of the character of Morgan can breathe a bit more easily knowing that he's said to be just fine thanks to his vest. Reid, on the other hand, has been shot in the neck. He is seen in the “Criminal Minds” preview sitting up and talking, but he's not out of the woods yet. Someone comes to try to finish the job, but Garcia is there to try to save the day. Does she succeed?

Executive producer Erica Messer tells TV Guide that the preview is a bit dramatic, and she was surprised they showed Reid awake. She cautions, though, that it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Unfortunately she won't confirm or deny whether Reid dies in the finale. Since it is believed that the actor playing Reid, Matthew Gray Gubler, isn't under contract for season 10 as of yet, the character's survival does seem to hang in the balance.

At the same time, Messer says that the big “goodbye forever” could be a red herring or be related to a more minor character. The show's Facebook page teases “Criminal Minds” spoilers that fans “won't believe which profiler says goodbye forever,” which again sounds ominous in terms of Reid's survival. Fans are definitely freaking out online about the possibility Reid will die, and many are rooting for a goodbye to Blake if one of the BAU team really is a goner. Would the show really kill off such a beloved character as Reid?

While everybody is in danger and there is a sense of urgency throughout the season 9 “Criminal Minds” finale, things are said to end on a more relaxing note. It sounds as if the BAU team will indeed resolve the case at hand, which is far more complicated than initially believed, and there is no major cliffhanger ahead. Messer also says there will be a few “really heroic moments” ahead for each of the BAU team members. In addition, Blake and Rossi do some bonding over something that comes from their pasts.

For those bracing themselves for something big popping up right in the final moments, “Criminal Minds” spoilers suggest that the big cliffhanger shocker came in episode 23 with the shooting. In episode 9x24, viewers will be watching the team “breathe and know that they're going to get a lot of rest.” That doesn't really sound like an ending where the team faces a devastating loss like they would have if Reid dies. However, the death tease certainly hangs as a big unknown for the moment.

This show has been through a lot of cast changes over the years, and it sounds like fans are not game for any dramatic changes at this point. “Criminal Minds” season 10 has already been given a renewal by CBS, and most of the cast members are signed on to return this fall. Will Dr. Spencer Reid die or pull through in the finale? Who will die if it isn't Reid? Viewers get their answer when the season 9 “Criminal Minds” finale airs Wednesday, May 14 on CBS.

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