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'Criminal Minds' spoilers: Former cast member returns for 200th episode

Criminal Minds spoilers: former cast member returns
Criminal Minds spoilers: former cast member returns
CBS Television Online Press Kit

"Criminal Minds" is about to air its 200th episode and it looks like it will be a big one. After the 199th episode, JJ was abducted after work, and in the 200th episode, the team will work to save one of their own. According to TV Line on Jan. 22, Paget Brewster will return to the show for at least the one episode, reprising her role as Prentiss.

According to showrunner Erica Messer, Prentiss will both appear in flashbacks and will also return to help her former teammates since the abduction of JJ is such an important event.

Messer said that Hotch will call in reinforcements, which is how they brought back Prentiss for this special event. Of course, Prentiss left the team and has been working in London in a position of power with Interpol. With Prentiss back, it will be like old times for fans of "Criminal Minds," with the exception being that it is JJ that has been abducted and needs saved.

According to Messer, JJ will be playing the part that guest stars on the show normally play, held captive and in dire straits. Fans remember in the sixth season when JJ left the team and took a job with the State Department. Well, this abductor is someone that she met when she was on assignment at that time.

This means that fans can finally learn what she was doing when away on assignment in that episode through flashbacks. This is also where Prentiss' flashback scenes occurs. Messer admitted that the episode looks amazing, and compared it to a movie in its production quality.

The "Criminal Minds" 200th episode will air in February.

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