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‘Criminal Minds’ season finale shocks viewers; Alex Blake is gone for good

Jeanne Tripplehorn leaves Criminal Minds
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The fans of “Criminal Minds” definitely got a big twist on Wednesday night during the second installment of the season finale. The CBS show had people believe that Spencer Reid might die, but the shot in the neck was a set up for the real character who is departing the show, Reid’s pal and professional pal, Alex Blake (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn.) According to TV Guide, the departure of Alex Blake is a done deal, but there will be a little more explanation about the message Hotch received on the airplane in the upcoming season.

Viewers might be wondering what the motive was for Alex Blake to leave without a big finale goodbye. As fans will remember, the character joined the team rather calmly and her departure seems to be in the same vein too. With Tripplehorn’s contract up, the departure seemed to fit nicely into what the actress wanted to do with her career.

The red herring from the past week’s promos definitely were a twist the fans didn’t see coming. Not only did Reid recover, but it appears the trauma of getting shot affected Blake enough that it was time to go. She had other reasons too.

So who will play the new BAU member that is expected to be found for the new season? Fans are curious to know, but for now they are sad to see the popular character decide to depart the show. The show hasn’t made any commitments on new actors for the part either. Alex Blake was a big part of the team and it’s going to take all summer for the viewers to say goodbye properly.

“Criminal Minds” was renewed for another season on CBS. Expect to see it in the fall lineup as one of the first questions to ask is who might be filling Alex Blake’s shoes.

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