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'Criminal Minds' season 9 finale spoilers: Two fight for their lives

Matthew Gray Gubler
Matthew Gray Gubler
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Tonight is the big season 9 finale of "Criminal Minds." Viewers will be happy to know that this show is coming back for another season. On Tuesday, Christian Post shared some great spoilers about the end of this season. Last week Reid and Morgan were shot last week and both are fighting for their lives this season. The spoilers are not sharing which one will die, but it is making it look pretty bad for one of these guys.

Penelope Garcia is headed down to meet them and help fight this battle. She is close to Morgan and that is why she wants to get involved in this case. She will be forced to do something she has never done before so that she can protect someone she loves. That has viewers confused and wondering what that might mean. It really does appear that either Reid or Morgan could lose their life tonight. It is going to be an emotional finale if one of them doesn't make it through.

Also tonight Rossi and Blake will end up telling something about their past. There are no spoilers about what it is, but it was revealed that this will make viewers relate to Blake better. It is always a good thing to make viewers emotionally invested in the characters. Buddy TV also shared a few more spoilers about this episode. A. J. Cooke said that this finale would change everything. However it goes down it is going to have a huge effect on the entire series.

Don't miss the finale of "Criminal Minds" on CBS right after a new "Survivor." The last two minutes of the episode are going to be the most important. They are very intense and you will not want to miss them. This will be the end of season nine, but the show will return for season 10 in the fall. You can expect there to be a few cliffhangers tonight.