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'Criminal Minds' revisits Garcia's past

Garcia: "So I teach you how to use Google? That sounds fun."
Garcia: "So I teach you how to use Google? That sounds fun."
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Garcia: “Well, I’m not in the habit of bringing my resume to events I’m handcuffed at, but I have some stationary in my purse, and I’ll write down some computer-y stuff I know and think about it.”

“The Black Queen” is tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds.” This article contains spoilers, so beware! “Criminal Minds” airs Wednesday nights at 8 on CBS (KHOU).

Character episodes always make me happy, and this time the character of focus is Garcia. This episode digs into her past. Not only do we get to see her first meeting with Hotch and Morgan, but we meet a guy that played a significant role in her life. Garcia’s past has been hinted up, but it is great to not only get a flashback of it, but to revisit it, in a sense. What would have been nice is to get more of a sense who Garcia was when she was with Shane. Garcia says that she became someone she didn’t want to be, but we only see snippets of her old self. The video touches were great, and really did help identify more of who she was. Still, maybe another flashback would have helped a little more. Did you enjoy the Garcia focus? What are your Shane thoughts?

The case of the week is a cold one. The Star Chamber, a group of hackers, has directed the FBI’s attention back to an old case. Sam Russell was convicted of killing prostitutes, and there are some people out there who think he is innocent. There is great potential for this case. First off, the silent partner remains a mystery until the end. Another good aspect of the case is the challenge Garcia lays down for Shane. A competition to see who solves the case first. Viewers follow the BAU working on the case, but all we see of Shane is him reading their profile. It would have been interesting to see how he investigates. Aside from analyzing the police file, Shane doesn’t seem to have much investigative skills. What did you think of the case?

The FBI is having a sexual harassment seminar, and strangely all of their examples seem to involve Garcia somehow. This is a fun twist. It would have been great to know how the FBI got a hold of all of these examples that they used in the seminar. Another fun thing would have been to see everyone else on the team react to this and maybe even reference the seminar out in the field. The sexual harassment storyline is a great one, but there are some missed opportunities. Did you enjoy this storyline?

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