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'Criminal Minds' learns of forgiveness

Rossi: "People can’t build without tools, and tools are passed down to us from others."

John Dryden: “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

“The Road Home” is tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds.” This article contains spoilers, so beware! To review the last case file, click here.“Criminal Minds” returns February 5th on CBS (KHOU).

The unsub is taking justice into his own hands. As it turns out, however, there is more to this story. Clifford Walsh, the unsub, is going after people who had criminal records, but also, some of his victims have ties to the death of Walsh’s son and wife. It is great to have this twist because a vigilante killer is nothing new. There is no real upside to seeing the unsub’s face. All that it allows is for viewers to see how creepy calm he is when he kills someone. Did you enjoy the case?

Rossi goes to LA to check in on his friend Harrison. What would have been great is if the writers included a flashback to the last time viewers saw Harrison. It took me about halfway through the episode to realize we had met Harrison before. While it is great that the writers took the time to have a Rossi-centric storyline, they should have refreshed viewers’ memory a bit. Still, it is interesting to have a Rossi storyline that really does not center on Rossi. This storyline focuses on Harrison, and showcases Rossi’s friendship skills. Did you enjoy Rossi’s storyline.

What is happening with JJ? The entire episode features her having secret phone calls. She tells the team that she is on the phone with her babysitter, but it is clear that she isn’t. The season so far has tried to set up a mysterious air around JJ. However, all that the writers do is have moments that should be intriguing but aren’t. That being said, the end of the episode definitely catches your attention. If you aren’t aware, the next episode is the 200th, and it is JJ-centric. What are your theories on what’s to come?

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