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'Criminal Minds' 9x23 'Angels': Keeping 'the man upstairs' happy

Garcia: "Jesus, Buddha, and Allah. I like to cover my bases."
Garcia: "Jesus, Buddha, and Allah. I like to cover my bases."
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Cruz: “When it comes to you guys, why mess with success?”

“Angels” is the May 7 episode of “Criminal Minds.” This article contains spoilers, so beware! The season finale of “Criminal Minds” airs next Wednesday night at 8 p.m. central on CBS.

Cruz is back briefly during this episode. His entire purpose is to give him a case, and then he’s gone. It is nice to address why he hasn't been around since “200,” and honestly, I didn't like him enough to be upset that he doesn't stick around. There are some brief references to JJ and Cruz being tortured, but it is nothing serious. Would you like to see Cruz more?

We never really learn why the victims are killed the way they are. The only exception to this is Tabitha (the girl who was found tied to the tree). We delve into how she differs from previous victims, but we never get to the reasoning behind the victims appearing to have been tortured but also shot. This is such a strange M.O., so hopefully we get around to it in the finale. We at least learn that the unsub is copying how the preacher used to cut his girls back in Canada, so we get a partial answer.

Also, two of the girls say that "they are coming to get me," but we never learn more about that. Abigail's sister tells JJ that Abigail said those words to her on their last phone call. Then, we see one girl run to the preacher saying the exact same thing. This is too big of a coincidence to not mean anything, but we never learn how the girls know that people are after them. This part is glossed over. It could be a big part of the case, but it is never explored in any way. The writers will definitely need to clear this up in the finale.

It wasn't hard to suspect the preacher. We spend time with him outside of the scenes with a BAU member present, and he just comes off as strange. The twist that he is not the unsub, but the pimp for the prostitutes is great. Then, on top of that, we learn that he is being set up. It is a little annoying that he goes for the shootout route instead of having some faith in the FBI. There is definitely no coming back from killing a cop. You can't blame that on being framed.

We spend more time with the local sheriff department during this episode, which immediately set up red flags. Yes, during the good ole days of “Criminal Minds” we saw the local police more often, but we barely see them during the recent seasons. It would have been less suspicious if the local police took more of a role in the previous episodes. I do enjoy when the interaction with local police is at least a small part of the episode, but they were almost everywhere during this case, which raised my suspicions. Did spending this much time with the police send up red flags for you?

The “cliffhanger” of the episode was shown in the promo for this week's episode. This has become habit for the promos. They are revealing more than they should, which is annoying. You don't have to give away everything in the promo. Has anyone else noticed this? We saw Reid and Morgan go down in the promo, so what could have been a shocking moment was robbed from us .

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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