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'Criminal Minds' 9x16 'Gabby': Trusting family

Garcia: "Holy crappy childhood."
Garcia: "Holy crappy childhood."
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Garcia: “Well that’s hardly anything.”

JJ: “We’ve had less.”

Garcia: “That’s true.”

“Gabby” is tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds.” This article contains spoilers, so beware! To review the last case file, click here. “Criminal Minds” airs Wednesday nights at 8 on CBS (KHOU).

This was a good episode. Most of the episode is spent with the BAU working the case, and so a lot more members are showcased doing their specialty. Reid even busts out a map! This episode could have easily been a thrilling two part-er. The writers could have expanded some of the interrogation scenes with Sue and Kate. Plus, then once it is discovered that Sue gave Gabby away, the writers could take their time working through it. Everything happens so quickly once Garcia starts searching for Sue’s online activity. If this was two episodes, the writers could have amped up the suspense. What did you think of the episode?

For some reason, there are still unsub shots during this episode. The first couple don’t even make sense. It’s dark and hard to understand what is happening, which could have been intriguing if anything interesting was being shown. It wasn’t. The promo and one of the unsub shots shows Gabby being alive, so there really isn’t a sense of suspense where you are wondering if she is even still alive. It would have been so much better to focus more on the investigation. While the unsub scenes are shorter than they normally are in an episode, they do not reveal anything remotely interesting. Did you enjoy the unsub scenes?

What is interesting is the flashback to Sue killing Doug that is shown at the same time that Ian is telling Hotch how Doug died, as well as at the same time Morgan and JJ are going over the house. There should be more scenes used in that fashion because the information comes from the BAU investigation. The viewers don’t know how Doug died until Ian starts talking, and then showing Sue killing Doug becomes much more dramatic. If the writers starting showing unsub scenes in this manor, things would be much more entertaining. The BAU could learn something about the unsub, and then viewers see that thing featuring the unsub happening. It would be a lot better than having viewers see the unsubs murdering someone, and then waiting for the BAU to catch up. What are your thoughts?

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