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'Criminal Minds' 9x15 'Mr. & Mrs. Anderson': Murderous therapy

Garcia: "I planned everything from dinner to dessert, dessert being me."
Garcia: "I planned everything from dinner to dessert, dessert being me."
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Jennifer Smith: “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.”

“Mr. & Mrs. Anderson” is tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds.” This article contains spoilers, so beware! To review the last case file, click here. “Criminal Minds” airs next Wednesday at 9 on CBS (KHOU).

For one couple, murdering people helps mend their marriage. Strange, right? This is “Criminal Minds,” however, so this isn’t too far out into crazy land. The therapy aspect of this case is great. Following the unsubs around pays off the most when Alan and Judith are in therapy. It is interesting to hear them discuss their issues and everything, especially since they have to talk about murdering people without actually mentioning it. The other scenes featuring Alan and Judith aren’t that exciting, and honestly they don’t shed too much light on the situation. It would have been interesting to only have the beginning scene with them and the hitchhiker, and then only show scenes of them in therapy from then on out. Did you enjoy watching the unsubs, Judith and Alan, in therapy?

From a BAU standpoint, there are numerous nice things about this episode. I know you are waiting for me to rave about the interrogation scene, since I love them so, but let’s focus on JJ first. She gets to do one of the memory walk throughs with a surviving victim, and those scenes never cease to make me happy. It’s something “Criminal Minds” used to do a lot more of, and I miss them. It is always great when part of the investigating has the team talking to witnesses, victims, and suspects more than just having the writers show us the unsubs, and then have the team at the crime scenes. Blake gets to do the interrogation scene! Yay Blake! Sadly, this is a shorter interrogation, but it is still great. I loved that Judith brought up Blake’s husband. The writers could have had JJ in there, but it is fantastic that they decided to let Blake shine. Are you more a fan of interrogation scenes or memory walk throughs?

Ah, it is Valentine’s day for our lovely BAU comrades. Garcia and Morgan are the only ones chatting about their plans, but we will take what we can get. It would have been great if more of the team was involved in this, but hey, I love me some Baby Girl time. Not too much happens in this storyline, but it is nice to check in with our team from time to time. What did you think of this storyline?

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