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Crimestopper rewards offered for a number of recent incidents in Athens

There have been a number of incidents in Athens over the Christmas season, with several of them being very serious. There were at least 3 armed robberies, or attempted armed robberies that occurred over a period from December 9th to December 15th. Several household and business robberies occurred during this time also.

While household robberies are more common this time of year due to the large percentage of the Athens area population that is out of town, the robberies of businesses and especially the armed robberies have been a new addition to this years crime tallies. The Athens Police Department has put awards on a number of these cases in the hopes that this will generate leads that the police can follow to the culprits.

Both UGA PD and ACC PD warn residents to be vigilant not only in their own homes, but when they are out as well, so that 2010 will be a smoother and less crime-filled year than this past one.