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Crimes Shown on 'First 48' Committed in Your Neighborhood: Some Call it Racism

"First 48" is popularly known for showing homicides investigations in different cities across the United States. It re-enacts the murders and at times shows footage related to the crimes. Recurring appearances by detectives are also shown as they collect forensic evidence, interrogate potential criminals and try their best to solve the case.

Has your town made an appearance on First 48?
Photo by David Calvert/Getty Images

Is this in your neighborhood?

How many times have you seen your state, city or even neighborhood on an episode of "First 48"? Some consider the show racist because it depicts mostly crimes from low-income areas where minorities reside. Some argue that the reason the show focuses on these areas is because this is where most crime occurs. Is the show racist because most victims are minority or is this really what life is like in these neighborhoods?

It depends on who you ask!

One area that frequents the show is Miami Florida’s Overtown community. A local man by the name of Charles stated “That is how it is out here. They just tellin’ the truth” when asked if the show is an exaggeration or is this the life of the city? His wife disagreed and stated “they make it seem as if there is no one friendly here or as if you can’t let your child walk to the store without getting murdered. Crimes here like crimes everywhere. We just get more attention because people love to look down on us!”

What are the facts?

The show depicts crimes from the following cities and states:

• Birmingham, Alabama
• Dallas, Texas
• Detroit, Michigan
• Harris County, Texas
• Las Vegas, Nevada
• Louisville, Kentucky
• Memphis, Tennessee
• Miami, Florida
• Minneapolis, Minnesota
• Phoenix, Arizona
• San Antonio, Texas
• Tucson, Arizona

A show called After the "First 48" was created in 2012 to show what happened after the arrests. It illustrates the verdict and sentencing of the captured criminals. Check out both the "First 48" and "After the First 48" on A&E. Visit the Facebook webpage or the official site for more.

So what do you think? Has your neighborhood been featured on the "First 48"? Do you watch the show? Share below!

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