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Crimes against America by a president rife with deceit

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Barack Hussein Obama has been a pox on America. His economic policy is a disaster reducing America’s energy, employment, and production while claiming he is increasing them even as he blames Republicans as racists causing America’s decline. In Obama’s world Abraham Lincoln founded the KKK and Lyndon Johnson freed the slaves. Cliven Bundy was right to compare the situation of blacks in America today; living on welfare, doing drugs, without families. They are as bad off as they were under slavery with the only difference being they’ve traded in the Democrat masters that whipped them to work are now Democrat masters who steal from Republicans to buy votes.

The Democrat Plantation of the 21st century is every bit the prison it was in the 19th century before Republicans fought and died for slaves to be free. They are repaid by being cast as racists, and any black man of worth like Justice Clarence Thomas, CEO Herman Cain, Col. Allen West, and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice are scorned by the black community as “Uncle Toms” for not being racist like their brethren. Rather than elect a black man of quality, Democrats installed a petty dictator wannabe whose socialist beliefs and racist hatred of white men are destroying the greatest country the world has ever known by stealing its wealth with the promise of sharing a handout with the poor. With black unemployment greater than it has been in fifty years, like the rats that chew holes in the hull, they’re too dull-witted to comprehend that they will go down with the ship.

The Obama Doctrine – managing America’s decline

Scandals in Obama regime ten times worse than last five presidents combined